"The Disney World of Dentistry" - Chelsea B.

Why Smileez?

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What is Minimally Invasive Dentistry?

It is a style of dentistry which focuses primarily on preserving the natural tooth structure whenever possible. Here at Smileez, we will only refer you for treatment that we feel is absolutely necessary.

How we help...

Smileez provides personalized oral health plans designed to protect your teeth for the rest of your life.

At Smileez we encourage our patients to ask a lot of questions. We're here to listen. After all we believe caring for your teeth is a team effort.

We offer diagnostics for many acute conditions.

You can rely on us to recommend treatments for all of your chronic oral care needs.


What People Are Saying About Smileez

"Wow! the Smileez Hygiene Studio business model is brilliant. Definitely better than trying to get in with my current hygienist who is always booked and impossible to see."

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"I love the fact that Smileez doesn't pressure me to get work done on my teeth. Seems like our last dentist was always finding issues every time we were in for a simple teeth cleaning."

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"Covid forced my current dentist to retire. I am so looking forward to my first appointment at Smileez in Avon. I love the fact that the new Whole Foods is right across the street. How convenient is that?"

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Why our customers love smileez?

We have a dedicated team that will respond to your dental needs in a timely manner. So don't hesitate to contact us when you need something.

Our dental team is highly qualified and selected for their professionalism and ethics. We ensure that we provide our customers with the highest quality of care.

We provide the highest quality of care for all the services we offer including: Exams, Cleanings, Whitening, Sealants and many other procedure that will keep your mouth healthy for a lifetime.

The environment inside our dental center is focused on making the dental experience fun and welcoming, especially for young children. We understand that it can be a scary process, that's why we go out our way to make it as fun as possible.

Our Business Model

Smileez has a single mission ... "focus on our patient's oral health and hygiene". Although there's always a supervising dentist on staff, unlike conventional dental offices, our business is led by our amazing teams of seasoned hygienists and their assistants. Together they provide state-of-the-art comprehensive oral care, maintenance and screening services.

What sets us apart:

We know what to say:

Our research shows that patients often fear judgement at the dentist. Our clinicians focus on education, not shaming.

We refer our patients elsewhere

Smileez is strictly an oral hygiene focused practice. Should our patients need dentistry, we either refer them back to their existing dentist, or we help them find a new dentist that best suits their needs.

We let patients design their own care plan:

At Smileez, we believe in a-la-carte pricing. Patients can select the services they want, and are educated on the pros and cons of other options, without pressure.

We are fun!

We are professionals and we do our job extremely well, but we will also make certain that our customers leave smiling.

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Smileez is committed to your Oral Health. If you have any questions feel free to ask us and we will get back to you as soon as possible.