About us

Why choose us?

Smileez is the first oral hygiene studio in the world to focus solely on oral hygiene.

Smileez is the place you go when you just need a cleaning or screening, minus the pressure and inconvenience of a conventional dental practice.

Heck, we even provide unbiased second opinions at no charge.

Are you ready?

Compassionate Oral Healthcare

Our core mission at Smileez is to provide a warm, stress-free and highly-compassionate experience for all of our patients.

Somewhere between the soothing water feature, aroma therapy and the elimination of all drilling, you'll realize that Smileez is a dental hygiene oasis.

Professional Hygiene

Smileez has a single mission ... "focus on our patient's oral health and hygiene". Although there's always a dentist on staff, unlike conventional dental offices, our business is led by our amazing teams of seasoned hygienists and their assistants. Together they provide state-of-the-art comprehensive oral care, maintenance and screening services.

No Drilling or Filling at Smileez

That's right...we don't even own a single drill!

We empower our patients to avoid drillings and fillings through education, oral condition monitoring, maintenance, diagnosis and even treatment recommendations when necessary.

Pro-hygiene Dentist Owned

Smileez is owned and operated by fully licensed practicing dentists. Dentists who have chosen to provide front-of-the line access to professional oral care and hygiene services.

Disclaimer: all work is supervised directly or indirectly by a licensed dentist in accordance with Connecticut state law.

Visit our Dental center

Our dental center is located in 1 Darling Drive Avon, CT. Please make sure you adhere to our COVID guidelines and protocol before entering our dental center.

Please stay in your vehicle.

Let us know you have arrived. Call: 860-345-5333.

Please wear a mask before entering the building.

If you feel you may be experiencing COVID symptoms, don’t worry, once it’s safe for you and our team we’ll get you back in immediately.